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Introducing Our Setting

Our game picks up the events of May 1483: the brightest Sun of the House of York, Edward IV has been eclipsed, and his son has been swept away by those loyal to the Woodvilles, with our Lord Protector's faithful friend and subject William Hastings, 1st Baron Hastings in hot pursuit.

It is widely believed in London that Fortune's wheel is turning, toppling the current House who had determined fate for over a century. But who is Fortune smiling on now - is it Richard of York, is it the Woodvilles, the distant Henry Tudor or maybe you?

Our game starts in these unsettling and treacherous times, with the fractures of the Cousin's War sizzling in the shadows. These fractures weave a web of complex and dangerous move and counter-move that all must players must navigate. From here on in, our game slides into an alternate reality where player goals affect the unfurling of history

Outside of London, this is an era of decay: the scions of grand noble lineages snuffed out, the solidarity of the Catholic Church cracking and the medieval mind challenged by the new learning and the death of chivalry. Our AU game is set on the precipice of discovery: of the New World and the birth of modern commerce and colonisation.

Is this the game for me?

Do you the like The White Queen, The Borgias, The Shadow of the Tower, The Conclave, Anonymous, Laurence Olivier's Richard III - or even the Tudors and Dangerous Beauty? Perhaps even the historical events alluded to in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series?

We think you will enjoy our game if you are looking for the following:

  • enjoy humour in writing - even at the expense of your own character
  • a writing-focused game, with a mature audience
  • character development with the patience to play the "long game"
  • the suspense and excitement of moderation
  • a historical based game but not historical re-enactment
  • a 'new' game where you can help put your OOC mark on our game - we want your help with the wiki and our NPC characters
  • a game with a unique House System (reminiscent of ASOIAF)
  • a game without a restrictive word count
  • a welcoming environment to beginning writers as well as dab-hands
  • a place to call home

You will find our game less fun if:

  • you prefer a fairy tale over a realistic setting
  • you prefer one on one stories, so you don't have to interact with other characters
  • you are focused on action and combat only. Our game is writing focused but die rolls occur in this game for fairness
  • you only want to write with your OOC friends, causing cliques and an unfriendly environment
  • you do not like being challenged - even on the smallest things
  • you do not want to improvise or respond to interesting hooks offered to you by other characters
  • you expect everything to be laid before your character without any work on your part
  • you don't enjoy a setting where the consequences of your character actions influence how others react to your character